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Patent infringement lawsuits, both valid and unjustified, are a fact of life in tech.  As the value of music streaming has grown, so have the legal action surrounding it.  Spotify and iHeartMedia are the latest targets. _____________________________________ Spotify and iHeartMedia are being sued over allegations that they are infringing on[...]


As music streaming services around the world continue to struggle, Cortney Harding looks at the possibility of hitting reset on the whole streaming business model and instead exploring a more direct artist-to-fan experience. ____________________________________ By Cortney Harding  To say last week wasn’t particularly good for Guvera might be an understatement. The[...]


Alicia Keys recently joined the likes of Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock, Guns N’ Roses and many more who want you off your phone at their events by turning to Silicon Valley startup Yondr – a company dedicated to creating “phone-free spaces” at concerts, events and other places. They’re not alone,[...]


Although performing in a band should, of course, be all about the music, there’s no denying that the visuals are also of great importance. Here we look at some interesting ways that bands and artists can start to cultivate a unique onstage image. ________________________________ In this recent piece from MusicThinkTank, Rachelle Wilber[...]


Over 500 creators and 20 organizations have signed a letter to US Congress calling for reform of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. The biggest grievance is with the DMCA’s “safe harbor” protections, which allow platforms such as YouTube to avoid legal liability for copyright infringement taking place on its platform.[...]

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